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Commercial Laundry Service

There are so many moving parts when you are running a business. Let us relieve you of one.

City Laundry will take care of your commercial laundry needs. We can help out no matter what kind of business you own. Commercial laundry, linen, towel, and uniform cleaning services for businesses and industries near Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Peoria, Tempe, and Paradise Valley Arizona.


Laundry Service for Hotels, Motels, Airbnb, Vacation Rentals

Our hospitality laundry service will take care of all your linens quickly and efficiently. Choosing City Laundry to do your laundry is a time saver for your cleaning crews and ensures that articles are washed per label and stain management, addressed.  Items will smell fresher and be returned to your staff for reuse expertly folded.  Our highly efficient equipment is also capable of cleaning comforters, pillows and other bulk items.


Places of Beauty – Laundry Service for Salons & Gyms

Our linen cleaning service isn’t just for hotels and motels. We service salons, spas, yoga studios and gyms. We do towels, capes, linens, and even sports uniforms. If your customers work up a sweat, we’ll work that sweat out of your linens!  We understand the need for fresh-smelling, clean terry.  Let us show you how fresh laundry can smell!


Medical & Healthcare Laundry Services

Feel confident that your medical laundry will always be properly washed and dried. Everything will come out smelling fresh and clean so that your clients feel comfortable. We can accommodate medical clinics, doctors, dentist offices, veterinary clinics, physical therapists, massage therapists, and everyone in between. We can do linens, scrubs, capes, robes, uniforms, and whatever else you need to be washed.


Dependable On-Time Pick-up and Delivery

All orders are delivered at a predetermined time and date.  We know that your time is valuable and your needs are important – You can count on us!


Competitive Pricing

Priced by the pound and determined by volume, our prices are very competitive compared to our competitors and our service is unmatched.  Give us a call and ask for a quote today!