Phoenix: (602) 612-3557 | Scottsdale: (602) 609-7900


Answers to the most common questions we’re asked about City Laundry’s Laundry Services.

What are your store hours?

City Laundry – Phoenix is open 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day of the week.  Last wash is 9 p.m.

City Laundry at 68th Street – Scottsdale is open 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.  Last wash is at 8:20 p.m.  The Front Door will automatically lock at 8:30 p.m.  Do not leave with your laundry running in the later hours or you will not be able to re-enter until morning.

“Last wash” means that your wash must already be started at this time.  New patrons will not be allowed to enter the laundromat to start laundry beyond that time.

Please check holiday hours on google or yelp.


How long before my clean wash and fold order is available for pickup?

Typically, wash and fold turn around is next day.  If clothes are dropped off over the weekend, though, they will be available for pickup on Tuesday.  We do offer same-day service when available for an additional $10.00.  Our team tries to accommodate.  Drop off needs to be by 9:00am or we cannot guarantee same-day service.

Do you have an order minimum?

Our minimum per order is $30.00.

Is there someone at your locations to help me if I have questions?

City Laundry – Phoenix is fully attended and someone will always be available to help you should you need it.

City Laundry at 68th Street – Scottsdale is not an attended location.  Should you have challenges with equipment, you can always call the phoenix location or the customer service phone number printed on the door.

Do you have machines large enough for big items?

Absolutely.  This is our top asked question.  Both locations have large capacity washers that have great efficiency capable of acommodating bulk items such as comforters.  Comforters and bulk items are our specialty.  

Do you provide Commercial Laundry Services?

Yes, please contact email or call us at (602) 612-3557 and select option 2.

What should I do if I have problems with the machines?

If you are at City Laundry – Phoenix, please tell an attendant immediately.  If you are at City Laundry at 68th Street – Scottsdale location, please call the customer service phone number on the front door.

What if I lost something in the laundromat or my items were stolen?

City Laundry is not responsible for personal property left on location.  While we will always try to help, we can’t promise that property will be recovered or is still remaining on premises. We recommend that you keep your valuables with you and not leave your laundry alone in our facilities.  If you feel that your items were stolen, please call the nonemergency police line.  With a police report, we will comply with scrolling through video surveillance to recover images of your items being taken.

What can I send you to launder?

Your everyday laundry! Any items that you wash regularly that do not require special care. Towels, dish cloths, pillow cases, sheets, blankets, uniforms, etc. Any garment that can be washed in cold water, tumble dried, and folded. Do not send us suits, dress shirts, dresses, or any other delicate clothing. Do not send garments that specify “dry clean only”.